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This is an article featuring the owner and founder of We Yogis, Diana Rodgers, written by Voyage Dallas.


Diana, please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today? I have a background in health, including a Masters in Public Health in Epidemiology and a previous career in the pharmaceuticals industry. As such, I have always been focused on wellness, especially for the entire family. My husband, Trip, has a finance background and eye for business through 20 years of experience in the securities industry. So, we are a nice complement to each other in running We Yogis… Throughout my life, I have been active in many different types of fitness, including teaching aerobics and spinning, as well as running and participating in boot camps. And Trip is a former Division I collegiate wrestler. As we began to think about what type of activity we would enjoy and be able to continue doing well as we age, yoga was the obvious choice.

Additionally, Trip and I have three children. With each one, I felt there were fewer and fewer options for quality fitness that also had child care. I knew whatever area of fitness our business focused on; we would have on-site child supervision so families could come together. So, over six years ago in the summer of 2012, we painted our garage and held free yoga classes where friends could bring their kids to play supervised in our playroom while they practiced. Now, we have four We Yogis locations in the DFW area.

Has it been a smooth road? Every day is a challenge with a small business but knowing that we help everyone who comes through the door leave breathing a little deeper, calmer, and hopefully more at peace in body and mind, makes it all worth it.

So, as you know, we’re impressed with We Yogis – tell our readers more, for example, what you’re most proud of as a company and what sets you apart from others. What we value most at We Yogis is the community. We support and inspire each other through the physical challenge that the practice of yoga brings each day, while also helping to find clarity of mind. As we bring our kids to witness these experiences, it sets an example for them to lead healthier lives. At three of our four locations (Lovers, Lakewood, Las Colinas), our Future Yogis Care takes place in our onsite kids’ playroom where kids can play while their parents practice in the adjacent room.

The yoga options we offer at We Yogis provide a variety for the beginner seeking a slow, calm experience, to the advanced, fit practitioner seeking an athletic, cardio/fat burning class. Our popular Rockin Yogis™ class is a faster-paced, energetic vinyasa flow set to upbeat, current music with creative sequences and rooted to an enlivened breath. Yogis love the deep sweat and athletic style it brings. We Sculpt mixes cardio, yoga, and hand weights to mix up your routine. We encourage those recovering from an injury or supplementing a rigorous workout schedule to take Deep Stretch & Mindful Meditation. Our Restorative class is also a wonderful way to relax, let go, and melt into the props of bolsters, blocks, and blankets – completely releasing tension and restoring the body and mind. We Flow and We Slow Flow offer yogis a wide range of intensity options to take the practice at a slower pace while still challenging strength, balance, and flexibility.

We Yogis also offer kids classes beginning at ages four to eight in Lil Yogis and ages nine to twelve in Tween Yogis. Expecting moms can explore the benefits of yoga in our Prenatal Yogis class, or after delivery, they can take Mommy & Me Yogis with their infants. We Yogis is a non-intimidating yoga community built with incredible energy and commitment to making lives better.

Let’s touch on your thoughts about our city – what do you like the most and least? I love the drive of the people in Dallas – they want the best, they strive to be their best, and they are prepared to work for it to stay fit. Dallas has wonderful, safe, family-friendly neighborhoods, great schools, and lots of sports to watch and play as kids or adults. If only Dallas could have an ocean or mountains, it would be ideal!


  • Intro Week Unlimited Classes $20

  • 5-pack adult classes $95

  • 10-pack adult classes $180

  • Month Unlimited Adult Classes ranges from $145 & $150

  • Couples Monthly Unlimited Adult Classes +$50 to Monthly Unlimited of location

  • Kids’ Monthly Unlimited $60

  • Future Yogis Care $5

  • Yoga Party (for kids or adults) $250

  • Private Yoga Session (1-3 people) $125

Contact Info:


  • We Lovers: 5600 W Lovers Lane, Suite 150 Dallas 75209

  • We Lakewood: 6465 E Mockingbird Ln, Suite 362 Dallas 75214

Website: www.weyogis.com

Phone: 214-351-1229

Email: weyogis@weyogis.com


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