frequently asked questions

Do I need my own yoga mat?

No. While many yogis come with their own particular mat, We Yogis® will provide mats for anyone who needs one complementary during their Intro Week or if you purchase a 10-pack of classes or join as a monthly unlimited member. Otherwise, mat rentals are $3. We have Manduka and B Mats for sale too!

What if I’m running late to my yoga class?

At We Yogis® we believe any yoga is good yoga so come for as much as you can.

Do I need prior yoga experience to come to We Yogis®?

Absolutely not! We Yogis® is a yoga community for all skill levels. Our instructors will offer options throughout the class to make it accessible to anyone – beginner or advanced. All yogis are welcome! Please inform your instructor if you are new to yoga so proper options/props are provided to make your experience safer and more beneficial.

Does We Yogis® have showers to use after class?

At our We Lakewood locations, we do not have showers, but We Yogis® has bathrooms for changing or changing diapers.

How young can my child be to come to the Future Yogis Care?

Future Yogis Care is available to all children ages 3 months and up.

What if my child needs a diaper change during class?

Our Future Yogis Care provider will inform the instructor for you to come change the diaper and return to class.

Do I need to sign up my child for Future Yogis Care or just show up?

We recommend that you sign up online for Future Yogis Care. We are limited to a certain number of children each hour so we want to make sure you have a spot when you show up.

Can I create my own class – either for my children’s friends or for my co-workers or friends?

YES! We Yogis® would be happy to create an ongoing class or a single class for groups of children or adults during times when studios are available. Please call the studio to set it up!

Does We Yogis do kids’ birthday parties?

YES! We Yogis® would love to host your child’s birthday party. Just call the studio to book a time when the studio is available.