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We Yogis® was founded in 2012 

Today, their concept of "Yoga for All" is blooming at four DFW studio locations:


6465 E. Mockingbird

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In this busy life we all lead, the Rodgers’ hope is that We Yogis® provides that place where people discover yoga together and it becomes an integral part of their fitness routines – improving stress management, increasing longevity and enhancing wellness.  We Yogis® is truly that inclusive place of "Yoga for All."

There's an old saying: "You can't be all things to all people." At We Yogis®, we fight that notion with our objective of providing "Yoga for All." From the first time beginner to the more advanced yogi, We offers a wide variety of classes to suit all levels, as well as all ages.  We also seeks to fit all schedules through an extensive class line-up seven days a week.

At We Yogis®, we aim to provide a non-intimidating yoga environment where there is no comparison, no judgement, and no expectations. As such, yogis are encouraged to practice at their pace and level of comfort. After all, it's your practice, your fitness goals, and your yoga journey. We seeks to provide the surroundings, instruction, community, and inspiration to best move you along the path to a better you.

All classes are taught by Dallas' finest certified yoga instructors, who are dedicated to help you meet your fitness goals. We Yogis® prides ourselves in the diversity of teaching among our instructors. While all classes follow general guidelines, instructors are able to craft and design their own specific sequencing and music, making every class unique and never repetitious.

For adults or teens newer to yoga, We Slow Flow is a good place to slow down and focus on the basic yoga poses in an educational and deliberate manner. Still, this is no cake walk as the class focuses on holding poses longer, developing strength and enhancing flexibility. After a few classes, we think you will notice a difference. 

For a deeper, slower, more meditative practice,

join Deep Stretch & Mindful Meditation

to increase your flexibility and

calm your mind.

When you want to step up the pace, try We Flow, a vinyasa flow class taught in a moderately heated room

(84-86 degrees), enabling the integration of breath, movement, alignment, strength,

and flexibility into a true vinyasa experience. 

For the most advanced classes, try our Rockin Yogis for the ultimate challenge in a heated (92-95 degree) faster-paced vinyasa flow with options for inversions and arm balances,...the ultimate test to your fitness endurance. In these classes, you will be challenged by traditional and creative sequences of postures rooted to an enlivening breath set to rockin, hip beats. If you're looking for a workout, this will not disappoint. Be ready to sweat!

Wanna take it down today? Try Restorative Yogis to release and relieve tension. Or, if you are expecting, try Prenatal Yogis to prepare the body for all the changes over the nine months of pregnancy.

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