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Filter available applications Find programs that can be accessed Change application name and path Activate or deactivate applications Unblock applications Block applications Time setting Executable support Size comparison Offer settings Reverse process Benefits Powerful interface Technical support Easy to use Applies to Windows 7, 8 and Windows 10 Limitations Installs executable in the system's temp folder Only one mode of operation No password feature Application Blocker Cracked 2022 Latest Version Rating: Ease of Use Reliability Performance Functionality Summary: With all features in place, Application Blocker Crack is a strong solution for individuals who want to prevent access to certain programs and applications. The main window is well-organized, meaning it is simple to find and quickly use all available options. However, the lack of password protection in combination with some core functions leaves a little gap that allows applications to be unlocked, which is not recommended for the general public. If you want to protect access to certain programs or applications with the help of Application Blocker Cracked Version, click on the green button below. However, you should note that not all files will be locked, and some will end up in the “security exceptions” folder that can be easily deleted. Pros A thorough and modern user interface A bundle of features, with no limitations Installs executable only in the temp folder Cons Lack of password protection Some core functionalities require more improvements Application Blocker Product Key Pricing: Basic 3 Months 1 Year Cost £79.99 £99.99 Features include: ✓ Manage security exceptions ✓ Find applications that can be accessed ✓ Create personalized lists for further filtering ✓ Search file extensions ✓ Quickly add applications to block ✓ Remove applications from the block list ✓ Activate or deactivate applications ✓ Change application name and path ✓ Display programs that can be accessed ✓ Sort applications by name and size ✓ Sort applications by date and time of launch ✓ Time setting ✓ Size comparison ✓ Optional double-click feature to quickly start an application

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