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rockin yogis™


Designed to awaken the body through a more challenging sequence of energetic movements, our one-of-a-kind dynamic format is organized to detoxify, strengthen, tone, test your balance & increase cardiovascular stamina. Warming up with sun salutations and core work, you will be guided through a complex series of standing postures, including optional arm balances & inversions.

Intensity Level: Intermediate

Time: 65 min

Heat: 88-90 degrees

Humidity: 50%

we sculpt

This power class will tone and sculpt every major muscle group. Add this class to your regular yoga practice to boost your metabolism and push your strength and flexibility to new heights. Free weights are added to a traditional vinyasa sequence, creating resistance and intensifying each pose. Strength training is incorporated to build lean muscle mass. After adding this power class, you will see visible results in your body.  


(60 min; Room is heated 86-88 degrees; Intensity Level 1/2)

WE stretch classes

deep stretch & mindful meditation*



This yoga experience focuses on deep stretches (Yin tradition) and increasing flexibility. Curious about the benefits of meditation? The class also incorporates mindful guided meditation techniques in a non-intimidating way to release stress, sharpen focus, enable total relaxation. After incorporating this class into your routine, you will no doubt see improvements, body and mind. Great for athletes, on-the-go yogis, and anyone looking for a quiet, calm space to practice and do a little soul searching.


(1 hour; Room is heated to 80-83 degrees; Intensity Level 1)*

WE open-level classes

we flow



Integrate breath, movement, alignment, strength, and flexibility for a true vinyasa experience. This uplifting and energizing class is suitable for beginners and challenging for experienced yogis. Class is practiced in a warm room (84 degrees) with no added humidity. 

(1 hour; Room is heated to 80-84 degrees; Intensity Level 1/2+)

prenatal yogis


Practicing yoga for two?! Reap the benefits of finding the power of the breath, stretching, and calming the body as it goes through so many changes during your pregnancy. Your body and your baby will thank you, and your post-partum recovery will be even easier because of your practice of yoga during these wonderful months. 


(1 hour; Intensity Level 1)

restorative yogis*


Relax and renew. This class emphasizes the calming of the nervous system and teaches the art of relaxation. Your body will learn to surrender allowing soft tissue injuries to heal, muscles to release, minds to quiet and deepen physical openings. Melts away tension and restores vitality. An opportunity to be still, relax and let go! All levels welcome. 

(1 hour)

we slow flow*


This beginner/open level sequence will help you build strength, increase flexibility, and find focus. You will learn the fundamental postures and principles that create a successful and effective yoga practice.  The class is a Vinyasa series, meaning breath is linked to movement, and set to music. This class is ideal for anyone new to yoga or those who want to slow it down. Class is practiced in a warm room (80 degrees) with no added humidity.


(1 hour; Intensity Level 1)

WE kid's classes

tween yogis

(ages 10 to 14)

This class will bridge the gap towards an older crew of yogis (ages 10 to 14)  by offering an age-appropriate "flow" as well as opportunities to build core strength, balance, coordination, as well as workshop poses in a fun, relaxed environment. Great for building confidence improving concentration, and helping young athletes increase strength and stamina.

lil yogis
(ages 4 to 9)


Start the love of yoga young! Kids are introduced to yoga postures and philosophy in a fun, safe, and non-competitive environment. Music, movement, and breath are used creatively to help children develop strength, flexibility, and focus. Great for building confidence and preserving individuality.

Mommy & Me

Mommy & Me Yogis allows moms to enjoy a postnatal workout without having to check their babies into childcare or leave them at home with a babysitter. Come get your yoga practice in along with your baby - this one is sure to make you sweat and your baby laugh. Fun for all! Babies 2 months and up welcome!

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